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ACFRADIO: Doctor Who series 8 update

ACFRADIO: Doctor Who series 8 update

By Jorge Paiz

Radio Show host Jorge Paiz  gives us an update of what is and what may to come in Doctor who series 8 taring Peter Capauldi as the new Doctor As well as some info on the second episode and a rumor as to who might be the new master in Doctor Who series 8. As well some spoilers that were blocked out by the music of time in this video.



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Legend of Korra Season 3 Episodes 1-2 and 3 Review

Legend of Korra Season 3 Episodes 1-2 and 3 Review

Hello there korra fans. Its back its bigger and its even better than ever.

Legend of Korra has done something we have all been wanting for the longest time.

Spoiler Alert!

I recommend that if you have not watched the episodes of korra season 3 then stop reading this now and go watch it. This is Big Andy speaking and as a Libra I love airbenders which is why Season 3 got me all hyped up. THE…

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ACFRADIO MOvie Review Transformers 4: age of exstinction

ACFRADIO MOvie Review Transformers 4: age of exstinction

ACFRADIO show host Jorge  Paiz reviews the 4th installment in the Transformers franchise age of Exstinction. Has Michael Bay redeemed himself from making so many films filled with plot holes and lack of continuity? Or has he created a master piece signifying the beginning of the apocalypse?


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Warner Bros. Mulling a Batman Beyond Live-Action Movie Rumors

Warner Bros. Mulling a Batman Beyond Live-Action Movie Rumors

Big Andy

Please keep in mind the title of this article. RUMORS.

Warner Brothers has been playing around a lot with the Batman franchise. From Batman Begins to the “Dark Knight Rises.” Also Batman and Superman movie has already been confirmed my friends for 2015 or 2016. The 21th century is an awesome time for movies. Thank god for CG. I love Batman as much as any DC comics nerd in the world.


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